Business Management

Tailored strategies for unprecedented lifestyles.

Cash Management
Family Office Management

A simple way to grow your wealth is through careful financial management. We will help you manage your business. Our exceptional service-oriented team at Richburg Enterprises will provide Chief Financial Officer services to assist you in your role as Chief Executive Officer of your acting, artistic or athletic brand. We customize our accounting and financial services to enhance your brand and achieve your financial goals.

Our Services Include

  • Developing corporate structure and incorporating entities
  • Preparing, implementing and monitoring operational budgets
  • Paying monthly bills and managing accounts payable
  • Invoicing and managing accounts receivable
  • Bookkeeping and maintaining accounting records
  • Cash Management and assisting with credit acquisition
  • Tour administration and reporting
  • Coordinating investment plan
  • Managing risk and insurance program
  • Preparing periodic cash and financial statements
  • Family office management