The Star-Maker: Michelle Richburg's Journey to Success as a Business Manager and Financial Advisor for the Stars

Michelle Richburg is not just an ordinary business manager and financial advisor

With over two decades of experience in the entertainment and sports industry, Michelle has built a reputation as a powerhouse business manager and financial advisor for A-list celebrities, athletes, and other high-profile individuals.

Michelle's journey to success began with her passion for business and finance. After completing her education at Mercy College in New York, Michelle started her career in banking, quickly climbing the ranks to become a trusted business manager and financial advisor. Her clients quickly noticed her exceptional skills and knowledge, and her reputation for excellence began to spread.

Today, Michelle is a highly sought-after business manager and financial advisor for the stars. She has been featured in various media outlets, including NBC, ABC, Billboard, Diverse Representation, NBA: The Untold, and more. Michelle's expertise and guidance have helped numerous entertainment and sports professionals achieve financial freedom and build lasting wealth.

— she's a star-maker. 

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